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09/20/2017 APFC Board of Trustees Annual Meeting
08/18/2017 Alaska Permanent Fund Returns Stellar FY17 Performance Results
07/20/2017 Alaska Permanent Fund’s Total Value Exceeds $60 billion
06/23/2017 Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation Working for Alaska
05/17/2017 Board of Trustees Quarterly Meeting
05/10/2017 APFC Quarterly Board of Trustees Meeting
05/02/2017 Permanent Fund up 8.96% for Fiscal Year 2017 Year to Date
03/21/2017 General Investment Consultant RFP
03/03/2017 APFC CIO Report
02/16/2017 APFC Quarterly Board of Trustees Meeting
02/07/2017 Permanent Fund up 4.50% for Fiscal Year 2017
12/08/2016 APFC Board reviews Fund performance and enhances understanding of global markets
11/28/2016 Permanent Fund up 3.86% in First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2017
11/23/2016 APFC Quarterly Board of Trustees Meeting
11/04/2016 Board of Trustees Proposes Investment Regulation Changes
10/13/2016 Pew report sees Alaska ahead of other states in its ‘sovereign wealth fund’
09/29/2016 APFC Board Approves Strategic 5 Year Plan and Investment Policy Updates
09/20/2016 APFC Annual Meeting
09/16/2016 APFC Remains Focused on Investing for Alaskans
09/12/2016 Permanent Fund up 1.02% in Fiscal Year 2016
03/29/2016 APFC hires Russell Read for CIO
02/24/2016 APFC Board reviews Fund performance, market outlook
02/12/2016 Permanent Fund up in second quarter, down year-to-date
12/21/2015 APFC Board Authorizes Seeking Customized Procurement Procedures
12/05/2015 APFC Board announces second Industry Innovation Award win
11/20/2015 Permanent Fund down 4.4 percent in first quarter of FY16
10/09/2015 Angela Rodell selected as Permanent Fund CEO
10/08/2015 Parise appointed acting CIO for the Permanent Fund
10/07/2015 APFC Board conducts CEO interviews, tables hiring decision
10/01/2015 APFC Board approves limited use of stock options
09/16/2015 APFC announces CEO candidates
08/20/2015 Permanent Fund up 4.9 percent
06/01/2015 Burns retires from Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation
05/21/2015 APFC Board amends investment policy, approves private asset commitments
05/12/2015 Permanent Fund up for third quarter of fiscal year
02/26/2015 Permanent Fund Board appoints auditor, reviews performance
02/17/2015 Permanent Fund up 3.2 percent in second quarter
12/15/2014 Permanent Fund Board approves private equity commitments
11/19/2014 Permanent Fund slightly down in first quarter
09/26/2014 Board reviews FY14 performance, elects officers
08/07/2014 Permanent Fund returns 15.5 percent for FY14
07/18/2014 APFC hires four Non-U.S. stock managers
05/23/2014 APFC Board approves allocations to private asset investments
05/09/2014 Permanent Fund gains 2.1 percent in third quarter
02/28/2014 Alaska Permanent Fund reaches $50 billion in value
02/27/2014 APFC Board reviews performance, streamlines policies
02/07/2014 Permanent Fund returns 4.3 percent, reaches $49 billion
11/22/2013 APFC names finalists for emerging market equities search
11/22/2013 APFC Board reviews Fund’s investments, performance
10/21/2013 Permanent Fund gains 4.6% in first quarter
09/27/2013 Board reviews Permanent Fund’s FY13 performance
08/02/2013 Permanent Fund up 10.9** percent for FY13
07/19/2013 APFC Board approves commitments to special opportunity investments
05/23/2013 Board authorizes new programs, adds to current allocations
04/19/2013 Permanent Fund continues positive performance in third quarter
03/22/2013 APFC names finalists for U.S. large cap manager search
02/28/2013 APFC Board amends investment guidelines and programs
02/20/2013 Alaska Permanent Fund reaches $45 billion
01/22/2013 Permanent Fund Up 7% for First Half of Fiscal Year
11/29/2012 Board reviews Fund’s infrastructure investments and other programs
11/05/2012 Board makes additional investment in single-family homes strategy
10/25/2012 Permanent Fund up in first quarter of FY2013
09/28/2012 Board approves new stock manager search
08/02/2012 Permanent Fund flat for Fiscal Year 2012
06/27/2012 Board gives final approval to single-family homes strategy
05/25/2012 Board approves new investments, hires Callan as general consultant
04/24/2012 APFC Board adds to existing investments
04/20/2012 Permanent Fund shows strong returns in third quarter
02/23/2012 Board reviews investments, performance
01/26/2012 Permanent Fund regains some ground in second quarter
12/08/2011 Board approves use of bond futures
11/02/2011 Fund returns reflect market woes, down in first quarter
10/13/2011 APFC hires new CIO
10/03/2011 APFC Board approves asset allocation, re-elects Bill Moran as Chair
08/02/2011 Permanent Fund at $40 billion, gains 20.6 percent in FY11
05/23/2011 APFC Board approves alternative investment allocations, manager searches
02/25/2011 APFC Board reviews market outlook, emerging market debt
02/04/2011 Fund returns 14.5% for first half of fiscal year
12/03/2010 APFC receives Industry Innovation Award
12/01/2010 APFC Board updates investment policies
10/04/2010 Reflection on George Rogers, APFC Trustee
09/30/2010 APFC Board approves updated Real Estate plan, elects Moran chair
07/29/2010 Fund returns just under 12% for fiscal year
05/28/2010 Board adopts new governance policy, updated investment policy
04/26/2010 Permanent Fund up at third quarter’s end
02/24/2010 Board hires stock, mezzanine debt and real return managers
02/08/2010 Market rally boosts Fund in second quarter
12/03/2009 Board approves “real return” candidates, reviews stock portfolio
10/28/2009 Stock market rallies grow Fund by $3 billion in first quarter
09/25/2009 APFC Board reviews investment policies, risk levels
08/04/2009 Fund down for fiscal year, performance up in final quarter
06/22/2009 Board hires distressed debt manager
05/22/2009 Board reorganizes asset allocation, approves manager search
04/23/2009 March rally eases Permanent Fund losses in third quarter
02/19/2009 APFC Board endorses Sudan divestment legislation
01/21/2009 Markets weigh heavily on Permanent Fund in second quarter
01/15/2009 Board hires State Street for passive global mandate
10/31/2008 Permanent Fund down for first quarter
10/20/2008 APFC hires new CIO
09/23/2008 APFC Board reviews Fund performance, re-elects Steve Frank Chair
07/28/2008 Fund returns reflect market woes for FY08, while dividends rise
07/24/2008 Board hires infrastructure managers, adds to private equity
04/22/2008 Market turmoil impacts Permanent Fund in third quarter
04/21/2008 Alaska Permanent Fund ranked highest of non-pension funds
05/29/2008 Permanent Fund Board approves new asset allocation
04/30/2008 Permanent Fund joins IMF sovereign wealth meeting
02/28/2008 APFC Board releases new Trustee paper, updates Alaska CD program
02/28/2008 Wealth Management paper released
01/22/2008 Permanent Fund still ahead after turbulent second quarter
01/10/2008 Fund acquires prime Chicago retail property
12/13/2007 Board reviews Fund`s managers, securities lending program
11/23/2007 Fund recovers $13 million in Quest settlement
10/22/2007 Fund returns positive for first quarter of FY08
09/27/2007 Experts share thoughts on energy sector
09/26/2007 Board updates stock policy, elects Frank chair
08/16/2007 Board hires EAFE infrastructure managers
08/06/2007 Permanent Fund returns 17.1% for fiscal 2007
07/13/2007 Permanent Fund reaches $40 billion
05/31/2007 APFC Board adds infrastructure, approves stock manager search
04/17/2007 Fund holds value in volatile third quarter
03/02/2007 Fund authorizes additional distressed debt investments
02/28/2007 PF loses ground Tuesday, still up 11.0% for FY
01/22/2007 Permanent Fund returns 5.6% for second quarter
11/16/2006 APFC Board approves the use of credit default swaps
11/02/2006 Alaska Permanent Fund: 30 years and growing
10/19/2006 Permanent Fund returns 3.8% for first quarter
09/22/2006 APFC Board hires absolute return managers, adopts allocation
09/19/2006 Interns agree: experience must supplement the classroom
08/25/2006 Board discusses global investments, real estate, absolute return
07/28/2006 Permanent Fund returns 10.98% for FY06
06/16/2006 PACE gasline investment presentations
05/26/2006 Trustees hire new managers, discuss infrastructure investments
05/08/2006 Fund reaches $35 billion
04/14/2006 PACE to advise APFC on gas line investment
03/17/2006 Fund reaches $34 billion
02/24/2006 APFC board hires four new asset managers
02/21/2006 APFC seeks services of independent invest. consultant/financial advisor
02/13/2006 APFC agrees to acquire stake in Simpson Housing limited partnership
01/19/2006 Fund posts second quarter results
01/05/2006 Fund reaches $33 billion
11/25/2005 Permanent Fund reaches $32 billion
11/17/2005 Board adopts new asset allocation, regulations
10/14/2005 APFC posts first quarter performance, earnings
10/12/2005 Notice of proposed investment regulations
09/22/2005 Board hires two managers, elects Carl Brady chair
09/21/2005 Why are PFDs down when oil prices and the Fund`s value are at all time highs?
09/15/2005 Notice of proposed confidentiality regulations
08/02/2005 The Permanent Fund has lost a friend
07/21/2005 Permanent Fund returns 10% for FY05
07/12/2005 Fund reaches $31 billion
06/17/2005 Board creates secondary consultant pool
05/24/2005 Board selects Callan as consultant
05/10/2005 Trustees granted investment authority
04/29/2005 Board sets 2005 asset allocation targets
04/07/2005 Governor appoints Attorney General Marquez to APFC Board
02/18/2005 Board pursues investment legislation, approves small-cap program
02/14/2005 Fund reaches $30 billion
01/19/2005 Second quarter rallies accelerate Fund growth
11/24/2004 APFC hires stock managers Mondrian, GE
10/28/2004 Stocks dampen first quarter return
09/22/2004 Trustees renew support of POMV
07/27/2004 Fund returns 14.1 percent for fiscal year
07/15/2004 Board gives real estate managers greater authority
07/14/2004 Burns new Permanent Fund director
06/21/2004 Crestline new APFC absolute return strategy manager
06/16/2004 Governor signs investment flexibility, Board continuity bills into law
06/09/2004 Board narrows executive director search
05/27/2004 Board selects finalists for executive director, hedge fund pilot program
05/11/2004 Investment flexibility, removal for cause bills pass
04/27/2004 House passes POMV
04/21/2004 Fund earns 3.0 percent return for third quarter
04/07/2004 POMV passes House Finance
03/23/2004 APFC updates Fund projections
03/23/2004 Porcaro, UAA team win POMV outreach contract
03/12/2004 Board adds private equity, hedge funds
03/11/2004 Storer to retire from Permanent Fund
02/12/2004 Conference of Alaskans unanimously supports POMV
02/04/2004 Permanent Fund documentary to air
01/30/2004 Fund returns 7.9 percent in second quarter
01/14/2004 Protecting the Permanent Fund through POMV
01/13/2004 APFC to begin media outreach program
12/08/2003 Trustees select private equity manager, meet with Putnam
11/20/2003 Perspectives on Alaskan Economic Development
11/17/2003 Board evaluating Putnam investigation
11/14/2003 POMV hearing in Kenai on November 20
10/29/2003 FY04 first quarter ends on a positive note
10/24/2003 Committee to hold Fund public hearings in Southcentral
10/09/2003 Opinion concludes Fund not subject to federal income tax
09/26/2003 Carl Brady elected Chair at APFC annual meeting
09/22/2003 POMV public hearing in Anchorage on Tuesday
08/29/2003 Dutch Harbor public hearing on POMV
08/26/2003 APFC completes transfer to Mellon fund
08/14/2003 Fourth quarter rally produces positive year-end return
07/29/2003 Nome Public Hearing on POMV
07/25/2003 Opinion defines constitutionally protected portion of Fund
07/01/2003 Fund hires Mellon to manage passive equity portfolio
06/20/2003 Fairbanks residents invited to POMV public hearing
05/27/2003 Principal to receive special appropriation
05/16/2003 Another quarter of defense
04/15/2003 Board passes POMV resolution
03/28/2003 March Board meeting summary
02/28/2003 Committee requests AG opinion on principal, income
02/18/2003 Board completes two-day meeting
02/13/2003 Recovery marks the second quarter
02/06/2003 Brady, Frank and Renkes appointments complete APFC Board
12/20/2002 Revenue Commissioner Bill Corbus is new Fund Trustee
12/03/2002 -7.5% Return marks worst quarter in Fund history
11/19/2002 Remote Access RFP
11/18/2002 Board hires Wellington as new REIT manager
10/21/2002 Protecting Alaskans’ interests
10/14/2002 Board selects three new firms
09/27/2002 Eric Wohlforth is new APFC Chair
09/26/2002 Condon announces dividend
09/11/2002 Five-year Fund financial outlook updated
08/13/2002 Trustee Paper VII released
07/25/2002 Wohlforth reappointed as Permanent Fund Trustee
07/12/2002 Board strengthens corporate governance
05/30/2002 Board selects Tukman as new equity manager
05/06/2002 Third Quarter preliminary returns show Fund exceeding benchmark
04/01/2002 Fund ranks among top performers
03/20/2002 Knowles appoints Leask to APFC Board
03/20/2002 APFC releases five-year outlook
02/22/2002 Fund plans Juneau activities for 25th anniversary
02/08/2002 Recovery marks second quarter
11/16/2001 Difficult 1st quarter opens fiscal 2002
09/21/2001 Management comments on impact of recent events on the Fund
09/19/2001 Sampson is elected Chair
09/18/2001 Fiscal 2001 year in review
09/13/2001 APFC cancels events associated with annual meeting
08/28/2001 Trustees support constitutional inflation-proofing
07/06/2001 New equity managers to be selected
05/07/2001 Factsheet explaining constitutional inflation-proofing
05/04/2001 Boardroom is named for Hugh Malone
04/06/2001 Fiscal Policy Caucus
03/29/2001 Mayors learn more about Fund
02/16/2001 Learn about the constitutional amendment to inflation-proof the Fund
02/16/2001 House, Senate introduce inflation-proofing resolutions
02/16/2001 Outlook for 2001 capital markets
01/12/2001 Permanent Fund overview
01/09/2001 Sturgulewski favors proposed amendment
01/02/2001 Useful Permanent Fund primer included in Revenue Sources Book
12/12/2000 Board actions from December 8 meeting
12/08/2000 Analysis of the Fund`s first quarter
12/05/2000 Reviewing the fundamentals
12/01/2000 Guidelines help control investment risk
11/15/2000 Audio summary of last week`s Board meeting
11/01/2000 Perspectives on the Fund
10/13/2000 APFC Selects new CIO
09/26/2000 Trustees re-elect Gruening as chair, approve new portfolio manager
09/26/2000 Botelho named new Trustee
09/26/2000 Fund is investing for the long-term
09/21/2000 Permanent Fund Dividend at $1,963.86
09/20/2000 Fund closes volatile year with $2.2 billion in statutory net income
08/28/2000 Fourth Quarter FY00
08/24/2000 Alaskans intern nationwide through APFC
05/23/2000 Storer reinforces Fund fundamentals
05/22/2000 Short-term volatility, long-term growth
04/07/2000 Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation celebrates 20th anniversary
03/13/2000 Huge stock rally, new face at the APFC`s helm
02/10/2000 Study compares Alaska`s and Alberta`s public saving accounts
05/24/2000 Staff market outlook as of early February
01/13/2000 Staff Market Outlook as of Early January
09/19/1998 Stocks Help Boost Permanent Fund Earnings
09/19/1998 Permanent Fund Closes Books on Most Successful Year to Date
09/19/1998 December Performance
09/19/1998 Alaska Permanent Fund Turns 20 - Plans full week of activities
11/08/1999 Board Takes Action at Fairbanks Meeting
12/11/1998 Fund`s Stock Index Manager to Become Part of Global Bank
10/01/1999 How Big is the Permanent Fund?
10/01/1999 Clark Gruening Reappointed to the Board of Trustees, Selected as Chair
11/24/1998 APFC Selects Manager for New Portfolio
09/24/1999 Ending the Century: Professionalism. Performance. Permanence.
10/11/1999 Articles Describe APFC Annual Dinner Keynote Speech
11/19/1999 Byron Mallott Fulfills Five-Year Commitment to APFC, Steps Down as Permanent Fund`s Executive Director at Year`s End
10/09/1998 APFC Investment Staff Offers its Market Commentary
09/19/1998 Fund Rides Market Surge, Breaks $20 Billion Benchmark
09/18/1998 Fund Earnings Remain Solid Despite Market Correction
09/18/1998 House Passes Bill Increasing APFC Flexibility
04/02/1999 Staff Market Outlook as of Early April