APFC Board approves private market allocations

MAY 25 – The Alaska Permanent Fund Board of Trustees reviewed the Fund’s recent investment performance for all of its portfolios, and approved private market allocations for the upcoming year at a regular board meeting on May 24 and 25 in Anchorage.

Permanent Fund up 1.2 percent in third quarter

MAY 16 - The Permanent Fund was up 1.2 percent in the third quarter of fiscal year 2016, trailing the performance benchmark return of 2.3 percent. The recent positive performance was not able to fully overcome losses earlier in the year, producing a small loss of 0.9 percent for the year-to-date, compared to the performance benchmark of -0.3 percent. The fund ended March 31, 2016 with a value of $52.5 billion.

APFC seeks Senior Investment Accountant

MAY 13 - The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation seeks a Senior Investment Accountant for a full-time position. Ideal candidates will have several years in a Senior Investment Accounting role and prior experience with alternative investments.

unaudited, as of Aug 24, 2016
US Bonds$8,753,500,000
US Stocks$6,531,400,000
Non US Stocks$9,391,400,000
Global Stocks$6,718,900,000
Non-US Bonds$1,173,700,000
Real Estate$6,906,800,000
Sep 27-28, 2016 Juneau
Dec 06-07, 2016 Anchorage