The Alaska Permanent Fund is one of our state’s greatest resources, and we believe that it is important for Alaska students to understand the history of the Fund, and how it works.  While studying the Fund, students will also learn about finance, investments and balancing risk and return.

We have prepared materials that can help teachers present the Permanent Fund in the classroom. 

  • Quizzes, a classroom presentation and a guide to the content standards covered in these materials is available for download at the left of the screen.  A quiz key is available by emailing the APFC.
  • Alaskan’s Guide to the Permanent Fund covers the history, structure, investments and operations of the Fund.  It is available for download by clicking on the image below, and in hardcopy for classroom use. Hard copies are available upon request.  Please email us your request and include the following information:
    • how many Guides to send for one classroom set
    • your name
    • school
    • address
    • subject area/s.
  • The Fund Works page below is available in a larger size for printing by clicking on the image.
Fund works diagram Alaskan's Guide to the Permanent Fund