Organizational Chart

name phone (907) title
Laura Achee 796-1522 Director of Operations
Timothy Andreyka 796-1515 Senior Portfolio Manager / Real Estate
Jared Brimberry 796-1573 Private Markets Analyst
Chad Brown 796-1541 Human Resources Manager
Chris Cummins 796-1555 Senior Portfolio Manager / Fixed Income
Tim Davis 796-1583 IT Specialist
Moctar Diouf 796-1550 Research & Operations Assistant
Brian Duncan 796-1504 Director of Information Technology
Rosemarie Duran 796-1515 Director of Investments / Real Estate
Karen Emberton 796-1515 Real Estate Analyst
Marcus Frampton 796-1557 Director of Investments / Private Markets
Kathryn Giorgio 796-1532 Portfolio Accountant
Christi Grussendorf 796-1515 Real Estate Analyst
Patty Hendry 796-1537 Portfolio Accountant
Janice Hotch 796-1501 Procurement Specialist
Yup Kim 796-1571 Senior Portfolio Manager / Special Opportunities
Jay Klinger 796-1531 Portfolio Accountant
Kaitlin Lafavour 796-1500 Administrative Specialist
Chris LaVallee 796-1538 Senior Portfolio Accountant
Andrew Loney 796-1584 Senior IT Specialist
Jacki Mallinger 796-1511 Portfolio Accountant
Valeria Martinez 796-1550 Director of Risk Management
Shannon McCain 796-1503 Administrative Services Manager
Valerie Mertz 796-1535 Chief Financial Officer
Stephen Moseley 796-1550 Director of Private Equities and Special Opportunities
Youlian Ninkov 796-1559 Public Equities Analyst
Matthew Olmsted 796-1555 Fixed Income Credit Analyst
Jim Parise 796-1555 Director of Investments 
Christopher Poag 796-1510 General Counsel
Fawad Razzaque 796-1550 Director of Investments / Public Equities
Russell Read 796-1550 Chief Investment Officer
Angela Rodell 796-1520 Executive Director
John Seagren 796-1536 Controller
Jane Sherbrooke 796-1587 Operations Analyst
Joseph Shinn 796-1533 Senior Operations Analyst
Maria Skuratovskaya 796-1555 Senior Portfolio Manager / Fixed Income
Katherine Smith 796-1534 Portfolio Accountant
Paulyn Swanson 796-1520 Communications Manager
VACANT   Administrative Officer
VACANT   Senior Portfolio Manager  / Private Markets